Cost of generic toprol

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Q is metoprolol safe.

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TOPROL-XLlike other beta-blocker medicinestends to decrease blood circulation in the skinfingers and toesIt may make you more sensitive to cold weatherespecially if you have circulation problems.

Some products have ingredients that could raise your heart rate or blood pressure or worsen your heart failureTell your pharmacist what products you are usingand ask how to use them safelyespecially cough-and-cold productsdiet aidsor NSAIDs such as ibuprofen/naproxen

If you miss a dosetake it as soon as you rememberIf it is near the time of the next doseskip themissed doseTake your next dose at the regular timeDo not double the dose to catch up.

If you have trouble remembering when to take your medicineask your pharmacist for some hints.

TOPROL-XL tablets are scored and can be dividedhoweverdo not crush or chew the whole or half tablet.

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